Valparai Activities

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Valparai, situated near the Anamalai Tiger Reserve, rests at an elevation of 1,400 meters within the Western Ghats, close to Pollachi (approximately 90 kilometers from Coimbatore). Spanning across 958 square kilometers, this sanctuary boasts numerous captivating spots and tourist destinations. The region teems with diverse fauna, including elephants, gaurs, tigers, panthers, sloth bears, deer, wild boars, wild dogs, porcupines, flying squirrels, jackals, pangolins, civet cats, as well as an array of bird species such as rocket-tailed drongos, re-whiskered bulbuls, black-headed orioles, tree pies, spotted doves, and green pigeons. The Amaravathy reservoir within the Anamalais harbors a substantial population of crocodiles. Moreover, the area features scenic wonders like Karainshola, Anaikunthi Shola, grass hills, waterfalls, groves, teak forests, estates, dams, and reservoirs. Below is a compilation of the finest attractions to explore in and around Valparai.

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